Instructions on how to add the Greek Orthodox Nameday dates to your Google Calendar

Decide if you wish the Greek Orthodox Name Days in Greek or in English. If you decide you want both calendars, then repeat the steps one time for English and a second time for Greek.

Click to your choice below and copy the code that will appear at the pop up widnow.

Εορτολόγιο - Greek Orthodox Name Days (in Greek)-Google Calendar URL
Greek Orthodox Name Days (in English)-Google Calendar URL

Then, do the following :

Open your google calendar

Scroll down and click the down arrow to the right of "Other Calendars" (point 1)

On the window that pops, click on the "Add By URL" (point 2)

google calendar adding info, step 1

A new window pops up :

Paste the Calendar's URL address to point 3

Click on "Add Calendar" (point 4)

You are done !

Enjoy !

google calendar adding info, step 2